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New in Agent 8

Forté has optimized and redesigned Agent 8 to work seamlessly with large Usenet binaries. Now you can select, download and view large Usenet binaries with just a single click. Agent will download, join, and repair your binaries without requiring any 3rd party software.

Watch this short YouTube video to see Agent 8 in action ↓

One-Click Downloads

MegaJoin for Usenet and NZB Binaries

Agent provides a better user experience by joining related Usenet headers into a single “Mega” message that can reduce the number of messages in a binary newsgroup by a factor of 100. MegaJoin is a proprietary pattern-matching technology developed for Agent and does not require any additional 3rd party software.

Automatic Joining of RAR and Split Binaries

Agent will automatically download and join archived RAR or Split files. Now you can watch or listen to media files without any hassles.

Automatic Repair of Damaged Binaries

Agent will automatically download only the PAR files needed to repair a damaged file. You don’t have to do a thing because Agent does it all for you.

Getting Started Tutorials

Our getting started videos will step you through all of Agent's powerful features:

Binary Preview and Protection

Video File Previews

Agent enables you to download and preview a small sample of a RAR archive to ensure you are downloading the content you expect. After previewing the video, you can download the remaining files with a single click.

Password Detection and Notification

Agent samples each media file to determine if a password is necessary to extract the content. If a media file requires a password then Agent prompts you to decide how to proceed. You can instruct Agent to always to cancel password-protected RAR downloads to avoid scams and other malicious content.

Picture Preview

Agent allows you to preview binary images while you download so you can quickly and easily sample newsgroups to ensure you get the content you expect. Watch the Binary Pictures tutorial to learn more.

Saving Attachments

Agent gives you complete control over how and where to save binary files on you computer. Watch the Binary Attachments tutorial to learn more.

Usenet Automation

Multiple News Servers

Agent can get headers and bodies independently from different servers. If one server becomes unavailable Agent will automatically switche to a different server.

Virtual News Servers

Agent will automatically combine content from multiple servers to fill in missing messages.

Optimized Downloads

Agent automatically utilizes the maximum number of connections available on all your news servers while Agent's Task Manager prioritizes header and body downloads in parallel.

Integrated Discussion + Email Reader

Text Newsgroups

Provides a rich set of commands for search, navigation, and filtering for text newsgroups.

Multiple Email Accounts

Collects email from multiple POP accounts, sends via multiple SMTP servers.

Safe Internet Email

Send and receive email seamlessly from multiple POP accounts and SMTP servers while avoiding viruses and trojans.

Safe HTML Messages

Render HTML on your terms and only download images from contacts you trust.

Protect Your Identity

Route by Identity (RBI)

Agent learns to route and file email automatically as you drag messages to folders.

Multiple Personas

Lets you create multiple identities, so Usenet groups and email recipients see only the person you want them to see.

Persona Protection

Automatically memorizes what personas you use as you enter contacts on a new email and advises you of any conflicts.

Adaptive Junk Filtering

Combines advanced Bayesian statistics with identity management to remove junk messages without losing messages from your trusted contacts.

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Includes a free 3-month Agent Usenet account


Includes a free 3-month Agent Usenet account


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