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Agent 4.2 Beta Update

Agent 4.2 Beta Update

Agent 4.2 is in the final Beta stages and is expected to release this month. Agent 4.2 is a free upgrade to all registered Agent 4.0 users. In addition to NZB support, Agent 4.2 includes the following improvements:

Database Improvements

By increasing Agent's maximum folder size and optimizing the way message headers are stored, Agent 4.2's folders can hold from 3 to 8 times as many messages as previous versions. Newsgroups with large, multi-part binaries demonstrate the most increase.

Usability Improvements

As Usenet evolves, newsgroup names and subject lines get longer and harder to read. To meet this challenge, Agent 4.2 uses a technique called "Smart Abbreviation" which displays the most important parts of the subject and abbreviates the rest.

Newsgroups names are abbreviated from left to right to ensure that the suffix is always visible.

Subject lines are abbreviated from right to left to remove clutter and preserve alignment.

First, any right side text is abbreviated and section counts (n/n) are aligned.

Next, the file name is abbreviated but the file suffix and PAR volume is preserved.

Finally, the series title is abbreviated.

As you would expect, you can turn these features on and off as needed.

About Forté

Forté is focused on developing Usenet and email functionality for the Agent family of products. We are also developing service offerings to complement our Agent Usenet (APN) Service.


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