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Agent's 20th Birthday Sale

What a journey we embarked on with the release of Agent .99 in the summer of 1995. Who knew that twenty years later Agent would still be going strong, currently offering version 8.0 to a world-wide community of users? Our thanks to all of you who have helped and supported our team through this journey!

To celebrate this milestone, for the months of August - September we are offering a special 20th-birthday sale. Beginning today new copies of Agent are available for $25 and upgrades to Agent 8.0 are $15. In addition receive a three-months-free 25 GB Agent Usenet account with any purchase or upgrade.

Agent 8

Get these great features:

  • MegaJoin
  • RAR / PAR / SPLIT Automation
  • One-Click Binaries
  • Binary Archive Preview
  • Archive Password Detection

See Agent 8.0 in action here:

Purchase a new copy of Agent 8 for $25 or upgrade to Agent 8 for $15. This offer is good through the months of August - September, after which the prices return to $29 and $19 respectively.

More Gigs

Agent Usenet measured accounts give you more GBs for less money. Our $2.95 25GB account is the best price on the Internet. Here are the Agent Usenet tiers:

$2.95 | 25 GB per month
$5.95 | 50 GB per month
$9.95 | 100 GB per month
$14.75 | Unlimited

Amazing Retention Levels

Our Agent Usenet data centers provide more than 2,540 days of binary retention and more than 12 years of text retention and the numbers rise each day. Agent Usenet Servers also provide blazing fast connections with 99%+ completion rates in 100,000+ newsgroups.

About Forté

Forté develops the Agent family of products. Agent 8 is the most powerful newsreader and email program available today for managing your communications. Forté also provides Agent Usenet, a high-speed, high-quality Usenet news service feeds with data centers in the U.S. and Europe.


The Forté Team

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