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Agent Patents

Route by Identity

#8316128 Awarded

During daily communication, you are constantly switching contexts:

  • One context might relate to work while the next context is personal
  • The conversation begins in email then transitions to text or voice
  • In all cases you must change and protect your identity to reflect the current context

This patent specifies a personal interaction router that:

  • Enforces communication policies based on contact identities and interaction context
  • Unifies the routing of interactions for all your devices and channels
  • Connects to trusted users with whom you share identities and communication policies

This invention is practiced in Agent's Route by Identity feature.

Social Interaction Structure

#8250150 Awarded

Group communication begins on open channels (voice, email and text) before participants are willing to use proprietary portals:

  • Employees interact with partners, customers and acquaintances who don't use the enterprise extranet
  • Social software uses email and SMS to extend the network to users not on the portal
  • Collectors of digital art and music who use file sharing platforms to create affinity groups

This patent specifies a structure where interaction groups can use traditional protocols to engage people and formalize social groups. This invention is practiced in Agent's NZB Binary Series feature.

Personal Trust Networks

#20060031510 Pending

Your trust network is your circle of acquaintances and your trust policies for interacting with those people:

  • At work, you facilitate interaction between the people associated with a sales account
  • As a coach, you ensure safe communication between all the families on the team
  • As a parent, you limit your child's interacts to school, family and soccer zones

The result is a personal trust graph that defines who can interact safely within a given context.

Identity Management

#20080163075 Pending

You need to manage your identity carefully as you transition between communication sessions:

  • In a personal context, you might divulge all of your contact information
  • In a work context, you might be more selective
  • Your policy may change as people join or leave the conversation

This patent specifies an identity management system where users can:

  • Protect every aspect of their identity including contact information, profile and avatar
  • Protect the identities of the people with whom they are communicating
  • Stay protected as they transition between work and personal contexts