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Agent Community Reveals Preferences

When we released Agent 1.9 back in January 2002, we asked the Agent Community to voluntarily participate in a User Survey. In return, we promised to periodically publish the results of that survey.

We have just published our initial results on the Agent Community's preferences for Premium News Services and we found that almost 40% of our surveyed users subscribe to a Premium News Service.

Furthermore, it was reported that GigaNews was the most commonly used provider in the Agent Community. EasyNews narrowly beating out several other providers for second place.

In the near future we will be posting survey results on:

  • Feature Requests
  • Agent Pricing
  • Preferred Language Translations
  • Merchandise Requests

And much, much more.

Agent 1.92 Update

Mark Sidell reports that Agent 1.92 in on target for a mid-July release date. We expect the final update to go out to the Agent Beta Team next week.

If you're checking the Mark CAM, please be advised that Mark will not be working over the 4th of July holiday.


The Forté Team

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